The Berkshire, Delray Beach, FL

NOTICE IS FORTHWITH FORMALLY GIVEN of the following nonjudicial foreclosure sale(s) presently set: 

  • RESORT: The Berkshire
  • SPONSOR: The Berkshire, Inc.
  • Number of Unit Weeks: 14
  • DATE: October 23, 2020  TIME: 11:00 AM

Sale of 14 Unit/Weeks as identified in the recorded Notice of Sale at O.R. Book 31749 Page 145, in the Public Records of Palm Beach County, Florida. The instruction from the Sponsor is to sell all of the the unit/weeks in one block.  The total amount we have been instructed to bid on behalf of the Sponsor (and the minimum 3rd party bid) is $22,928.15. This is the total assessments, interest, Trustee’s fees, costs of the foreclosure, costs of recording the Trustee’s Deed and the clerk of the court administrative fee.  If you are interested in bidding, then please see the BIDDING INSTRUCTIONS HERE .